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(for the studying and spreading of Andreolese culture)


The Group of Study ELPIS (from ancient Greek, meaning hope) ZEROUNO (the year of its launch) is founded in Sant'Andrea on the initiative of the people mentioned below with intentions strictly cultural and is entirely unprofitable and apolitical.

The underwriters of this manifesto are simply the promoters of this enterprise that develops through the wide participation of anybody interested and with the full respect of institutions and associations already existing in the area. The group of study ELPIS ZEROUNO is not born with the characteristics of a conventional cultural association. It does not intend to bestow titles and honours and it is not bound by internal regulations and decrees.

In brief, the group ELPIS ZEROUNO is not the name of a society but the logo of a project with the following proposals:

a) Embarking on activities of research, study and the spreading of Andreolese culture and, more generally, with cultural and historical facts concerning the Calabrian territory.

b) Promoting the safekeeping and the retrieval of the Andreolese collective memory through the preservation of the existing architectural treasures and the research of historical and cultural archives.

c) Encouraging promotions and proposals by using traditional methods of information and modern technology.

d) Offering interaction inspiration to Andreolesi scattered all over the world, conscious of the fact that our historical memory is stored primarily amongst our immigrants and the stories passed from generation to generation.

e) Investigating, through our activities, the degree of interest and participation to the activities of the Group in view of future projects.

The group of study ELPIS ZEROUNO has embarked on initiatives already established by its promoters and wishes to follow them through based on a network of support with specific reference to:

The recovery of architectural remains of the Chiesa Madre demolished in the sixties, which can clearly be seen emerging from the deposited rubble in the Faballino's precipice.

The compilation of a photographic local archive through the selection of the most significant images.



Giuseppe PALAIA

Alfredo VARANO

Armando VITALE 


Via Aldo Moro, 56

88060 Marina di S.Andrea Jonio (CZ)

Casella Postale n 23

88060 Marina di S.Andrea Jonio (CZ)


 The group of study ELPIS ZEROUNO has already begun the collection of:

  Photos (including passport sized), with annotation on the reverse, whenever possible, of names and year when the picture was taken.

Old letters, legal documents etc.

Old history books, poems, novels, published and unpublished of Andreolese writers or authors of Andreolese origins.

Any object or manufactured article associated to the artisans, history and culture of our village.

Witness accounts of any event, occurrence and episode concerning Sant'Andrea's past.

All rescued material will be registered, filed and archived with the intent of validating it as historical document capable of operating as the memory of the past and storage of information for the future.

It will be the centre of communication with the scope of study, research and diffusion of our history.

The group ELPIS ZEROUNO has, in a nutshell, embarked on a direct action with a well-defined end: revalue and preserve the historical Andreolese memory.

The ' Mission' is open to anyone who is seriously willing to collaborate with no retribution.

Whoever is interested in this project and feels could be useful should get in touch through the addresses already mentioned.

Heartfelt thanks to all the Andreolesi who can contribute even with a tiny piece to the big mosaic that is our history.


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