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To the Mayor of Sant'Andrea 

Dear Mayor,


We wish to urge the Administration that you represent to undertake the recovery of architectural remains of the old Chiesa Madre covered for almost forty years in the Faballino precipice and now since exposed are at the double risks of disregard and plundering. 


Our understanding is that this proposed operation is very much supported by the population of Sant'Andrea. Recovery of historical village relics will go some way to repay the wilful demolition of the old church and the profanation of thousands of skeletons belonging to our ancestors. 


The presentation in August this year of the book 'Fabellino, Aspetti di una Storia Dimenticata ' (Fabellino, Aspects of a Forgotten Story), sponsored by this same Amministrazione Comunale (Council Administration), has contributed to a re-kindling of interest and sensibility of citizens of the village towards the problem. The considerably active participation in debate has highlighted a widespread desire to urgently embark upon the salvage of some of the architectural remains now visibly emerging from the surface of the precipice. Once the remains have been recovered and recorded for historical posterity, they should be preserved as a perennial remembrance of a sacrilege that should never be allowed to be repeated.


The support of the Amministrazione Comunale in sponsoring and publication of the historical research cannot be detached from the salvage of what remains of a once imposing structure. For this reason we ask that the Administration should make itself responsible for the promotion and financing of the salvage operation, and if deemed absolutely necessary, the collection of donation funds needed to carry out this project. 


The risk both from land movement and human hand conspire together to put at grave risk our historical collective memory and it is therefore of the up most importance that we know of the outcome of deliberation of the Council Administration in this respect. 


Yours sincerely


Frank Betrņ


Joe Betrņ


Giuseppe Cosentino


Angelo Jorfida


Maria Antonietta Lijoi


Luciano Mirarchi

S.Andrea Jonio

Anna Mongiardo Goodman


Salvatore Mongiardo


Giuseppe Palaia


Francesco Romeo


Alfredo Varano


Armando Vitale

S.Andrea Jonio



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