4th of November
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  Versione Italiana


     Prior to WW2 in Italy it was customary to to honor the fallen in the field of battle on the 4th of November. 
     It was the date that Austria surrendered and WW1 ended. S.Andrea honored its sons in a very special and tender way. Each acacia tree at Pian Castello was dedicated to a fallen son, that is all except the tree which was Judas Tree (Judas would hang himself on that tree during the performance of the Pigghiata).
     Small tables were set under each tree with photographs of the fallen hero surrounded by freh flowers and lit candles.The entire paese would visit each table and offer words of sympathy to the family. The Rite was an extention of the november 1 rirual honoring the dead.
     The practice made sense due to the fact that at that time bodies were not returned to members of the family but rather buried in the field of battle and records were not kept accurately. It was S.Andrea's way of saying "Thank you for your supreme sacrifice.
     The alliance of 1940 with Germany in WW2 put an end to the practice as well as an end to the "Piave" as the Italian National Hymn.


The article is by Angelo Iorfida


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