A pigghiata
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A pigghiata - 1933 I doubt very much that many people remember the Pigghiata since it was 1933 the last time it was performed. Anna, your dad might! The Pigghiata was a theatrical production of the Passion Play performed every 7 yrs due to the demands of its production which almost rivalled any Cecil B Demille epic production. It was performed the Wednesday of holy Week. Practically the entire paese was its stage, but most of the action took place in Pian Castello. Stands were built on both sides of the Castello to accommodate spectators who came from the surrounding villages The Golgata was by the Palazzo Jannone ,the Catuaju across the Colabati store was Charon residence, next to it the was chicken coop which was used as the hell and smoke would emanate from it. In front of where today is Adolfo's store there was an Acacia tree on which Judas would hang himself. To the day I left Italy it was referred as l'arvuru e iuda. The crucifixion took place at the Golgata and upon removal of the Christ from the Cross all the spectators would walk to Golgata and weep along with Mary, Mary Magdalene Etc. The Christ would be placed in a Sepulcher and thus began holy week. Thursday and Friday following the dead Christ would be taken nta Naca (as they do today still) through the viniaddhi do pajisi, Saturday was the day da Gluaria and Sunday a Cumprunta. Because of the war years the Pigghiata was not produced in 1940, however it was produced on stage at Oratorio theater using the original script and costumes. I played the part of S. John. The following were members of the cast: EnzoCarioti(Panzareddha)Jesus, Nicolino Romeo Caiphas, Bruno Lijoi Pilate, Nicolino Calabretta the Virgin Mary (the use of women was tabu), Vincenzo Iorfida (my uncle) Judas/Herod, Paolo Carioti (Pavulu na pipa) Charon, Peppino Valenti (Pachie')head devil, Nicola Calabretta (Husband of Orlandina ), the man from Cerene,Bruno Dominijanni Was the Ciculanginu (he pierced Jesus on the Cross). Many others performed as roman soldiers and crowd too numerous to list. Thus ended part of a beautiful past and glorious culture!!!
Some of the old actors who performed in 1933 production are gone now but they should live in our memories: Bruno Calabretta(Brunu e Marantonuzza) Jesus Bruno Stillo (Brunu e Cola e paliaddhu) Judas to be followed as Judas by my uncle in the 1933 & 1945 production. Pavulu na pipa and u Pachie' were in the 1933 as well the 1945 production.
We must keep the past alive so tha future generations like yourself know where they come from.I do not propose to live in the past, but it is necessary to know were we have been in order to know where we are going.


The article is by Angelo Iorfida

The picture is by Pino Codispoti

The translation is by Anna Mongiardo Goodman


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