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The Goup of Study Elpis Zerouno

  • 'U Tiru
    The invisible, terrifying monster, who would suddenly appear and gobble up children before disappearing into the darkest and deepest blackness.
  • The old Chiesa Madre
     We wish to urge the Administration to undertake the recovery of architectural remains of the old Chiesa Madre.
  • 'A Gluaria (The Resurrection)
    "The boulder would be dropped and the Christ would explode through the tomb announcing to the world his resurrection from the dead"
  • ‘U Ré ‘e Brùanzu (The bronze King)
     One has heard about the good king, the wise king, the big nose king, the sun king .... However, never of this weird sovereign. Never! Nenta ‘e minu (no less): made of bronze. Bah!
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