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bulletThe Village
Il paese, le sue origini e le sue bellezze architettoniche.
bulletThe Traditions
Sant'Andrea has had costumes and traditions closely related to a peasant way of life which is rapidly disappearing.
Therefore, a lot of what is told in these pages no longer exists, but it is nevertheless part of our history, our roots
bulletA Cumprunta
The cumprunta is one of the most spectacular and characteristic traditions of our village.
bulletLa chiesa matrice
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bulletThe church of Santa Maria del Campo
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bulletFoto d' epoca
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bullet'U gau
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bulletA pigghiata
A theatrical production of the Passion Play.
bullet4th of November
The honor to the fallen in the field of battle
bulletChristmas Eve Andreolese Style
Christmas Eve Andreolese Style circa 1930's and 40's

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